Regrets, a resurrected post from Jan 2008

Considering the realm of infinite possibilities which a person faces every moment of every day of existence it’s a wonder that we get anything done. From the very moment we were born, every single moment that passes adds another factor into the grand chain of events which will ultimately culminate with our death. In an ideal world every moment should be planned out to the second to maximize the benefits of the end results. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the future especially one where infinite possibilities are presented at every moment where infinite possibilities lie. Knowing this, we decide our future every second that passes. The path that is already past should then be accepted as the way it is and the focus must then lie on your next move HOWEVER being human we can’t just accept the fact that the path we chose is no longer changeable and we think about the entire realm of infinite possibilities that was not taken. We live in the past considering each of the situations pondering the good and bad which would have precipitated from it. What we don’t realize is that as we do this we miss valuable opportunities to look forward or even at the present. We must live with the end result knowing that what is done is done and there is no going back to change it and that we must focus on the now.