What it means to be a hottie, a resurrected post from Jan 2008

The term hottie means a good looking person of the opposite sex. The word is a slang based on the combination of hot+ cutie = hottie. While it is a word that carries with it quite a bit of connotation I am simply using it as a term for a good looking person, specifically girls (since I am a guy).

A hottie is the girl who can make a guy’s head turn 270 degrees, stop him dead in his tracks, cause his mouth to hang open mid sentence, and make him completely forget what he was doing. She will dress in a way that shouts LOOK AT ME but not look slutty. She has that wonderful perfume that you makes you take the REALLY deep breath. And last but not least she has the amazing power to make all the other girls jealous.

A guy will be nice to a girl because he secretly hopes he might have a chance with her. A guy will go out of his way for an attractive girl. A guy would cut off his arm and sell one of his kidneys for a hottie. BUT this thinking works for hotties and against them as well. A typical guy can approach a normal girl and start up a conversation. A guy would need some liquid courage to approach an attractive girl. And a guy would have to be wasted or insane to go up to a hottie expecting anything more than a “Hello.” SO for the most part guys don’t have the guts to come out and say HEY I LIKE YOU unless he is one of those over confident pricks.

A hottie will get doors opened for them (literally and metaphorically speaking) and most of the time they will not understand that people are only nice to them because of their good looks. Take my friend for example who went to a gas station and was surprised about the amazing quality of the service at this particular station. In addition to getting gas, which is all she wanted, the attendant checked her tires, oil and water. She left the station thinking “Oh that guy was nice” and had failed to realize that the only reason he did those things was that he was hitting on her.

Understanding that hotties have a secret (or not so secret) power to influence guys they should embrace the fact and use it to its fullest potential.

A hottie should understand that while she may have advantages in the world; that alone will not carry her through life.