A deeper understanding of the universe, resurrected from 2007

B   randoe: its upsetting
B   randoe: atleast like spam and oatmeal you can eat raw..
B   randoe: or uncooked rather
B   randoe: while not as good as the prepared version its easier
writersblock: uhhh
writersblock: i guess so
writersblock: spam out of the can is pretty ghetto man
B   randoe: yea
B   randoe: but you know… it brings me back to cave man days
B   randoe: before they had fire
B   randoe: and they had to eat spam out of the can
writersblock: there was spam during the caveman days?
writersblock: lol
B   randoe: well how else did they get their meat
writersblock: *in the voice of the crocodile hunter* theres the caveman now, slowly stalking the can of spam, being very careful not to startle it as cans of spam can be quite skiddish aroudn the drinking hole.
B   randoe: yup