Openmindedness vs Ignorance

Over the past few weeks I have had a series of talks between different friends about their thoughts on homosexuality in our culture. I was quite shocked to realize so many people held ill thoughts towards gay people. I am not gay and I have little real knowledge of the lifestyle. (So don’t get mad if I say something inappropriate.) Besides the fact it’s in our constitution somewhere, I feel that everyone should have the same rights and privileges in our country regardless of gender, sexuality, or race. Who is to say any one person is less deserving than any other to live in the way of their choosing. This got me thinking about the sad state of our society.

Too many people can fall into one of these categories {ignorant, stupid, racist, biased, intolerant, prejudiced, bigoted}. Its really tragic to think that as a society we still have to live with this. The even more tragic thing is that many of these people never really put a lot of thought into their beliefs. Although, I suppose it is easier to just assume something is correct rather than having to think and have discussions about it, but really, how can anyone settle for just that.  If only people  used the brains instead of relying on mob-mentality we could bring about some change.

“A person is smart; people are stupid…” Agent K – MIB 1997

Recently I have been caught up in the idea of open-mindedness and why it isn’t used more often. By definition it means being receptive to new ideas or arguments. I feel that, in society, it implies being reasonable and receptive to the ideas and beliefs of others. People should be able to have discussions with competing ideas and beliefs and not be offended or become outraged. The only way our society will ever move forward and improve is if we challenge the status quo and bring new (and potentially crazy) ideas to the table.

Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, even if everyone else thinks it is ridiculous (Scientology). In our history some of the best ideas come from radical thinkers who have crazy ideas which make them outcasts in society (round world vs flat world). Some of the most forward thinking individuals were persecuted for their beliefs and some killed. I am not saying that every crazy fool with an idea is right but everyone deserves a chance.

Open-minded thinking is the only way people will ever get along with each other. Keeping an open mind will allow for people to see all sides of an issue  which will allow for genuine thought to occur so people can come to their own judgements. People will then be able to better understand other’s ideas and instead of ridiculing the idea they can build a better one.