In January of 2009 I was in a semi-serious motorcycle accident were my foot was crushed and wrapped around my motorcycle peg. I broke 4 of my metatarsals in multiple places; two of them popped through my leather shoe. Up until this moment in my life I hadn’t even broke a single bone and all of a sudden I have a crushed foot.

In the hospital they classify pain in a 0 to 10 scale, where 0 is no pain and 10 is the most pain you have ever felt. (I think the faces are hilarious.)

Anyhow, in this whole ordeal I would have to guess I hit the 10 at least once. I mean, yes, it did hurt a lot but how would I know what was the highest level of pain possible.  I suppose you could say a 10 would be the most painful thing you have ever experienced so far but without a measurable scale or knowing the limits we can never quantify it properly. Moreover how would we ever know whether the same thing one person feels is the same that a different person feels.