Vegas is my happy place

Anyone who knows me should have expected my first real post to be about Vegas. It is my wonderland of milk and honey… or rather my wonderland of hot girls and dreams of riches. Ive been there three times this year and Ive taken quite a bit of flack from people who think I have a problem. Well, what they don’t know is that I plan to go back at least one more time this year.

Ive been asked repeatedly why I love to go to Vegas so much. To be honest… I don’t know. And I don’t think I’ll waste anyone’s time (mostly mine) trying to think about it. What I will do is tell you about what makes my Vegas experience.

1 The rooms @ the Planet Hollywood
Overall the hotel is good. Its a perfect spot for the 25+ crowd. Even though you can’t walk 30 feet without running into some girl who is celebrating her 21st birthday, the higher cost of accommodations limits the broke college crowd. Anyone who can afford playing $25 minimum tables on the regular will feel right at home. The overall look of the hotel is modern and well kept. The hotel had recently undergone a substantial renovation where the Planet Hollywood name replaced The Aladdin. The loud top40 music that plays throughout the hotel usually keeps the older people away, but the ones that stay are usually more energetic than I am.

2 The gaming @ the Pleasure Pit
The Pleasure Pit is a section of the casino where the tables and decor are dressed in a pink glow. The dealers are young attractive women that wear attractive but not slutty lingerie. The dealers and pit bosses are friendly which creates a good energy at the tables. I ALMOST FORGOT… there are gogo dancers. They work hard doing their thing, and people should remember to tip them too.

The first shift of girls literally parade around the casino at 8PM and a second shift at 9PM. The live DJ comes in on the weekends at 10PM and the music gets loud and upbeat. I can sit at these tables for hours and the action is good. The tables usually jump up to $25 minimums during the peak hours and anyone who is willing to drop $300 – 500 on a table at once wont feel outclassed. There are the guys that can play the $800 black jack hands but they aren’t found as common as they would be at the Bellagio.

3 The food @ the Daily Planet
There are many places to get a good eat at this hotel but my personal favorite is the Daily Planet. The restaurant is located right on the casino floor and has never had any wait to be seated. The menu is HUGE and is very diverse; whether you’re looking for 24hour breakfast, descent Chinese, or a perfect ribeye and Alfredo it has it all. If I had my way I’d eat all my meals there but if I’m with others I’ll mix it up.

4 The ridiculous amounts of sultry women @ everywhere
No matter where you are there are hotties. Between the bars, clubs, lounges, the Pleasure Pool, and the whatevers there are uncountable hotties. Need I say more?

5 (Faux)-Baller Status
The entire experience comes together for me to create an incredible escape from reality. I can walk around without a care in the world. I drop incredible amounts of money in the hopes that I will become a millionaire. I budget myself to lose more in one day than I earn in one month. The money swings up and down and I enjoy every bit of it. I might win $1000 in a single hand, but sit there disappointed that I didn’t win $50,000. Every moment carries excitement, disappointment, hope, defeat, and every other emotion that might possibly exist.

I love it.